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Award & Achievement

Dr. Mehul Contractor

  •  Young achive award 2016,
  •  Scroll of Honour award 2017,
  •  Best clinicians award 2015,
  • Best Out going students award 2017,
  • Best researcher award 2015,
  • Best academician award 2017,
  • Best academician award 2017,
  • Best academician award in  west zone 2018,
  • Best academician award 2019,
  • Best academician award 2019,
  • Significant contribution award 2018,
  • Significant contribution award 2019
  • Best out going student in the year of 2008
  • 2 Times best faculty of the year nominated by students
  • I have cleared Phd Entrance Examination for Maharaja Vinayak Global University
  • Received an Award From Dr. Anand Mishra in Delhi AIIMS for speaker in Dec 2016
  • Presented Paper in NCPT conference in Jaipur Dec 2016
  • Presented Paper in International Conference in Delhi AIIMS 2017
  • Received Scroll of Honour Award in International Conference Mangalore, 2017
  • Presented Special Talk on Bypass Surgery, IAP, Ranchi 2017
  • Received Young Achiever Award in National Conference, Surat 2017
  • Writing a book over Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy
  • Presented Paper in IAP Conference, Ranchi 2017
  • Key note speaker in Delhi AIIMS, 2017
  • Key note speaker in Mangalore, 2017
  • Key note speaker in Surat, 2016 & 2017
  • Key note speaker in IAP, Ranchi 2017
  • I have handle 7 Government & University Inspection being an In charge principal
  • Youngest I/C Principal who has got 100 Intake in 1st attempt all over Gujarat
  • Fully trained in Academics, Specialized in External Faculties Lectures since 5 Years (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Cardiac).
  • 4th All India Physiotherapy Student Conference DR. Deepak Kumar.
  • IAP Conference, Ranchi 2016.
  • Conference on Cardiac Rehabilitation, Dhiraj General Hospital
  • Professional Certification course on Research Methodology, Dhiraj general Hospital.
  • National Physiotherapy Conference, Surat 2017.
  • National Physiotherapy Conference, Delhi AIIMS.
  • International Physiotherapy Conference Mangalore.
  • CME on ICU Monitoring and equipments, Dhiraj General Hospital.
  • Conference on Pulmonary  Rehabilitation, Kashiba Navele  Hospital, Pine.
  • CME on Vestibular Rehabilitation, Dhiraj General Hospital.
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation by Dr. Jayasrikant.
  • IAP United International Conference, Delhi 2017
  • 4th All India Physiotherapy Student Conference DR. Dr. Ifthikar Ali
  • 1st World Congress on Manual Therapy (WCOMT) BY Dr. Peter Gibsson.

Paper Presentation

Dr. Mehul Contractor 

  • To Assess Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Post CABG Patients by using 1 mile Walk test and Physiological cost index.
  • To Assess Fitness in Sports Person b 6 Minute Walk Test: A Randomized Control Trail.
  • To Check Effectiveness of Phase 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation in Rural Community; A Systemic Review.
  • To Check Effectiveness of Plyometric  Exercise in Tennis Players: An Experimental Study.

Dr. Neha Vaidya : Scientific Paper Presentation

  • To Compare the Incidence of Kinesiophobia in Individual with acute and chronic low back pain CONOR 2013
  • To study the prevalence of Musculoskeletal disorders amongst Laptop users and Desktop users in corporate offices- A Survey – 8th INCPT AIIMS 2019

Dr. Payal Charaniya

  • “Effect of scapular proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on pain and disability in patients with adhesive capsulitits”
    Presented at one day national level conference at shrimad rajchandra college of physiotherapy 2019

Dr. Krutika Patel

  • Sr. Category at 12th Gujstate Conphycs, 2018 titled “Differences in speed, Agility and Vertical Jump Among Athlets of Various Sports”
  • Medinspire An International Multidisciplinary Medical Summittitled, “Effect of 6 weeks plyometric training in comparison to BLR, plus Strength training  on VJH & Agility in Young Basketball Players”.
  • Delhi AIIMS 2019, “Does Post-Exercise Hypotensive effects in Blood Pressure vary with three different intensities of walking training in prehypertensives?”

Dr. Samira Patel: Scientific Paper Presentation

  • “Physical Activity of Community” Dwelling Elderly Population – A Survey” in PARCON-2019 ” National Conference on Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation : Evidences Leading to new Horizons”.

Research Publication

Dr. Niyati Patel

  • Conventional Physical Therapy and Electrical
    Stimulation in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patient, Volume 5 Issue 11, November 2016, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
  •  Dr. Avni Shah, Dr. T. Nagendran, Dr. Shailja Pandya, Dr. Niyati Patel, Effect of Electromyographic Feedback in Improving Strength of Lower Limb Muscles
    in Chronic Ischemic Stroke Participants: An Interventional Study, Vol.7; Issue: 5; May 2017, International Journal of Health Sciences & Research (IJHSR)
  •  Niyati N Patel, Effect of otago exercises on balance and gait affection in
    Patients with parkinson’s disease – an interventional study, Volume-6 | Issue-11
    | November-2017 | ISSN No 2277 – 8179 | IF: 4.176 | IC Value: 78.46

Dr. Neha Vaidya

  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical science and health care , Issue 2, val 3 june 2012 ISSN 2249-5738. Effects of Instability Ressistance Training of Abdominal Muscle in Healthy Young Females-An Experimental Study

Dr. Payal Charniya

  • Effect of scapular proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on pain and disability in patients with adhesive capsulitits, Published in – International journal of yogic, human movement abd sports science 2019

Dr. Krutika Patel

  • Journal Name : The Journal of Indian Association of Physiotherapists 2018, Topic : Cross‑cultural adaptation, reliability, validity, and factor analysis of the Gujarati version of the Tampa scale of kinesiophobia in chronic low back pain.

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Guest lecture Or Speaker

Dr. Niyati Patel

  • Expert talk on importance of NCS in CTS at 8th international conference of physical
    therapy , AIIMS New Delhi, Dec-2019
  • Jugde & speaker (Presentation’s skills) in the scientific event at 11th national physiotherapy summit
    “Physiofest 2020” held at RK University on 4th January 2020

Dr. Nilam Sonani

  • Chankay college of physiotherapy toioc. Talk on geriatric rehabilitation

Dr. Krutika Patel

  • Guest speaker at 8th international conference of physical therapy : AIIMS 2019 TOPIC : Stress incontinence in female athletes


Workshops Conducted

Dr. Krutika Patel

  • PSPR by Dr.Ashish Babhulkar Sports fitness and assessment by Dr.Earnest Vijay
     Spinal Disorders-Radiological Evaluation by Dr.Birju Vyas

     Pediatric Neurodevelopmental assessment & Understanding of Typical and atypical Development by Dr.Krutika Shah

     Evidence based Exercise for different Orthopedic conditions

     Sports Injuries- Evidence based Physiotherapy at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth

Dr. Nilam Sonani

  • Module -1 dry needling in myofacial pain syndrome by Dr. Ruchit sanghvi
  • Traetment of children with cerebral palsy and other neurological imapirement using neurodevelopment treatment concept and sensory integration
  • Neurodynimic solutions clinical neurodynimic education by kiran chllagundla
  • Muscle energy technique and myofasical release techniques by prof. Umasanker mohantay