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  • Nursing foundation lab is one which makes the imagination of hospital set up, and the students can study the procedures and all the things on dummy with the help of clinical instructors. These will help the students to reduce the stress and fear about the hospital environment.
  • Community Health Nursing is the community oriented primary health care programme and the integration of community medicine with the primary health care of individual and community.
  • Students render comprehensive care to the individual family and community and develop center understanding of rural community health management
  • To appreciate the Concepts and principles of midwifery and obstetrical nursing.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills in reducing nursing care to normal & high risk pregnant woman during antenatal and postnatal periods.
  • To develop ability and skill for providing nursing care to mother and child.
  • Acquire knowledge of normal structure of various human body systems and understand the anatomical structure.
  • To acquire knowledge of the normal physiology of various human body.
  • To acquired knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nutrition.


  • Audio – Visual aids communicate the ideas regarding learning activities to the students is essay manner. A.V.Aids lab is opened for the students with latest equipment of LCD Projector, computer, laptop, TV, OHP, DVD player, Camera, Tape recorder, charts, models, posters and different types of boards which can provide high-tech educational media to support the teaching-learning activities of the students. The audiovisual aids lab is equipped with models, posters and charts prepared by the students.
  • Advance skill labs are specific practical skill training facilities, are a firmly established part of medical education offering the possibility of training clinical procedures in a safe and fault-forging environment prior to real life application at bedside or in the operating room.