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CEO's Message [Mr. Prakash Patel]

I warmly welcome you to V. N. Patel Medical Campus managed by New Indian Education & Research Society. An institution dedicated to preparing Healthcare professionals, leaders and Practitioners in the field of Physiotherapy & Nursing. With our Holistic approach to education & clinical practice. We blend Eastern & Western therapies in prevention, healing and the promotion of wellness. We have committed to our students. Our clinic patients and the general population through our unique and breakthrough technologies in health care and related industries. We have strongly believed on that to achieve prosperity; any society or country will have to mainly rely on supreme quality of education. Excellent education is the only sure path to youth empower and to enable young minds to contribute in field of Healthcare and overall growth of the nation.

We are proud to be an educational institute and provide opportunities for our students. Graduates and Faculties to immerse themselves into all forms of medicine. Our campus is expanding with new horizon and we are developing new and broader healthcare professional courses for those interested in a variety of areas, while retaining our unique identity. I hope that you will review our catalog  in Download Section of this site. Visit us on campus or in one of our Help centers of Surat City, and join our Mission “Healthcare For All” with us in helping the world solve its health problems through a Holistic Healthcare.